Hi, I'm David Adams

I come from a traditional marketing background, having been a marketing manager and CMO for several SME businesses.

My traditional education allowed me to thrive in offline marketing and I've been in charge of several mult-million dollar campaigns for some very well known brands.

After achieving success in the off-line world, naturally things started to progress online and before I knew it I was spearheading a team of over 30 marketing employees and given some truly daunting tasks.

Since then I've made it my life's work to understand and thrive in internet marketing, since it truly is the future. My main focus now is bringing the tips and methods to a wider audience and ensuring that I can share my knowledge far and wide.



I'm always looking for new avenues and tricks when it comes to content marketing. Stay tuned for more!


Paid marketing has its benefits and soon I will release my hackbook to PPC Marketing.


This marketing game is never complete and that's why I aim to constantly improve daily!

My Mission

I made this website for people just like you!
I've been exactly where you are now. Just struggling for traffic, with no success in sight. Trying all of the 'obvious' solutions like Google Ads, PPC, Facebook and all of the other Social Media websites.

Nothing that I did made any difference and my traffic levels stayed at the same low amounts that they always had been.

But there was one, really simple thing, that I should have been doing all along. And when I found out about it I almost slapped myself.

Since using this new method I have seen a huge increase in my traffic numbers and a massive jump in sales and interaction. My team loves me, and I managed to not only keep my job, but get promoted to CEO.

I know that there are millions out there stuck in the same position, so I put together this handy guide that I call, 'The Real Traffic Secret' and I'm sharing my step by step system with you today.

stay TUNED

I plan to release a series of guides on many marketing areas that I'm interested in. If you'd like to get in touch, just reach out!


You can currently find me in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. If you're in town, I'd love to grab a coffee!
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