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Written by David Adams
Hi, I'm David Adams and congratulations on making the decision to purchase 'The Real Traffic Secret'!

You are literally minutes away from sending hundreds of thousands of highly targeted users to your website.

Think of all the sales, revenue and profit you're going to make when highly targeted, ready to buy visitors start flooding your website!

And the great news is, you can literally start in the next 5 minutes with practically NO WORK on your end.
Hi, I'm David Adams and congratulations on making the decision to purchase 'The Real Traffic Secret'!

You are literally minutes away from sending hundreds of thousands of highly targeted users to your website.

Think of all the sales, revenue and profit you're going to make when highly targeted, ready to buy visitors start flooding your website!

And the great news is, you can literally start in the next 5 minutes with practically NO WORK on your end.
If you follow along with the steps in this guide I absolutely guarantee you'll start getting a flood of highly targeted traffic straight to your website.

However there are just 2 very important rules that you MUST follow:
In this guide there are some step by step instructions. It's extremely important that you follow along and with my steps in real time. Don't just read. You actually need to follow along and take action at each step.

The number one reason that this doesn't work for people is because they fail to follow my step-by-step instructions.

Some of the steps needs to be done in a specific order to work properly. So it's extremely important that you follow along with the steps and take action when I tell you to.

It's very easy and straightforward, but if you don't take action when I tell you to, you may do the steps in the wrong order and face problems!  

So just follow along with the steps and copy exactly what I do in real time and you'll be fine.
Like with all good things, this will take a little time to start working. It's a process that gets more and more powerful overtime. 

This is why it's SO IMPORTANT to start as soon as possible.

This method is completely, 'set and forget'. Which means you just need to follow the steps now, set everything in place and then just sit back and watch the results get better and better every day.

You should start to see the first results in around 5-8 days from now. These results will then just get stronger and stronger from this point and you'll see your traffic and revenue increasing more and more each day.

This is why you need to take action right now.

Your traffic is ready and waiting to visit your website. So let's get started right now and start profiting sooner!

Let’s get straight to the point.

I’m going to tell you exactly what the traffic secret is right now.

Because here’s the thing: I’m sure that you’ve already heard it before.

In fact, I’m almost positive that you know what it is.

I would bet good money that you’ve been told to do this at least 100 times before.

But I absolutely GUARANTEE that you have NEVER done it before.

At least properly, that is…

And here’s the reason: it’s way too time consuming and expensive.

But here’s what this guide is REALLY about:

I have a secret method that does it for only $49/month.

And it’s going to be the BIGGEST return on your investment that you’ve ever made in your life. 

Trust me. In just a few minutes you’re going to see how powerful this method really is.

So Here’s the Real Traffic Secret:


See, I told you! 

It's the oldest and most obvious marketing advice in the world…

But there’s a reason for that: 

It Works Extremely Effectively...

And you're going to use it to make a fortune!
Just Look At This:
My team conducted the following experiments, where we upload different amounts of written content to 3 identical websites to see how much traffic they would receive:

The Experiments:

Website Number 1

Fresh Content Added Per Month:

1,500 WORDS

The Results:
With 1,500 words a month, not much happens and traffic stays the same

Website Number 2

Fresh Content Added Per Month:

2,500 WORDS

The Results:
A small increase in traffic, but not worth the effort.

Website Number 3

Fresh Content Added Per Month:

8,000 WORDS

The Results:
With 8,000+ words each month we're seeing HUGE traffic!
By sending 8,000 words a month to Website number 3 we got over 120,000+ highly targeted users to visit the website in just 3 months and made over $15,800 using this method!

It's Simple:

Posting high quality content on your website attracts more traffic, skyrockets you on Google and makes other websites link to you.

In turn, that results in a HUGE amount of highly targeted, highly motivated users direct to your website

And those users are primed and ready to buy your services and products.

You already know this!

But Guess What?

There’s a REASON that you don’t DO it!

AND There’s a REASON that 96% of the other websites on the internet DON'T do it either:

⚠️ You need to produce at least 8,000 + words every month to make it work
⚠️ It’s extremely hard work
⚠️ It’s very expensive to buy
You need at least 16 articles a day for content marketing to work. (Just look at the tests we ran above).

It takes around 4 hours to properly plan, research and write just 1 article.

That’s 64 hours, or 8 full working days 


And if you hire someone to write it for you, you’re looking at hiring a part time employee, and that’s going to set you back at least $1,600 a month! And that’s if you’re lucky.

But HERE'S The Clever Part:

I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to fix this problem.

(And make HUGE amounts of money!)

I’m going to make this accessible to you and drive INSANE amounts of traffic to your website.

And here’s the BEST part:
✅ You won’t have to do any work.
✅ You won’t have to write a single article.
✅ You won’t have to plan a content strategy.
✅ In fact, you don’t have to do anything at all.

But every single month, your website will receive over 10,000 words of extremely high quality, ultra topic-related content. 

Just like Clockwork.

And this will drive hundreds of thousands of highly targeted users to your website who will buy your products and services like there is no tomorrow.

And I know this, because it’s worked for every single person who has implemented it.

In fact, I’ve received over 700 reviews from people I’ve taught this method to and you can read those on this page.

Here’s are the step-by-step instructions:



It's extremely important that you follow along and with the following steps in real time

Don't just read: You actually need to follow along and take action at each step.

Some of the steps needs to be done in a specific order to work properly. 

Just follow along with the steps and copy exactly what I do in real time and you'll be fine.

Step 1: Unlock Your 'Hidden' Account

I get all my content from a company called 'TopContentClub'

These guys have been around for a long time and they design their articles specifically with traffic in mind.

All you need is a monthly subscription and they create high quality articles throughout the month and upload the content directly onto your website so you literally don't have to do anything. It's 100% Hands Free.

This is the service that I use for ALL my websites and I've made over $1.5 Million over 3 years, generating traffic with these guys.

But there's a problem!

In order for this method to work you'll need to choose their 'Professional Plan', which gives you 10,000 words a month. 

But this costs a huge $399/month! That's totally impossible for many people's budgets. It's totally worth it if you're making a lot of money every month, which very soon you will be. But when you're starting out it can be a real killer!

However... There is a little trick that we can use to reduce this price down to just $49/month!

Here's how you do it:

TopContentClub have an exclusive membership type called 'BusinessPlus'.

This is a VIP account type which they only offer to certain businesses and is not publicly advertised.

When you have a BusinessPlus account you'll get access to greatly reduced pricing, including the 'Professional Plan' which gives you 10,000 words a month for only $49!

The good news is that you can signup for a free account by simply navigating to the hidden BusinessPlus signup page. However, there is a manual review process to activate any orders on the account. However, I'm going to show you how to bypass that too and get up and running immediately!

Click the link below, sign up for a free BusinessPlus account and then come back to this guide for the next steps.

Signup Here: https://topcontentclub.com/business-plus-signup/

Step 2: Unlock the Hidden BusinessPlus Professional Plan

So at this point, you should have a Business Plus account with Top Content Club.

Great work!

Next, we need to navigate to the heavily discounted Business Plus plans:

First things first, make sure you are logged into your BusinessPlus account.

Next, click on the secret BusinessPlus Plans link below and select the 'Professional Plan' which should be just $49 if you've followed the steps correctly:


(This page is ONLY accessible with a BusinessPlus Account. If you haven't got one already, Click Here to sign up for one first.)

Don't panic if you see this message:
TopContentClub gets VERY popular, so you may need to check to see if they have availability by clicking on the 'Check Availability' button.

If they're at capacity right now, don't worry, just check back in a few days.

If you managed to reserve a spot, congratulations! 

Important: Next, you will be redirected to the checkout page, but make sure you come back to this guide and go to Step 4, since we will need to add a code to bypass the manual verification.

Step 3: Bypass Manual Verification

At this point you should have a BusinessPlus account on Top Web Experts, and you should have selected the Professional Plan and be in the checkout area.

As I mentioned before, there is a manual verification on every Business Plus account, and we need to bypass that to get this working.
Here's how you do it:

On the checkout page there is a coupon code area.

You'll need to enter the following code which will enable instant activation of your account and bypass the manual verification process!

I do this for everyone of my websites, and it works like a charm.

Copy and paste the following code and click 'Apply': EV780DBSNOA

Enter your payment details, complete the order and continue on to the next step.

Step 4: Enter Your Website Details

You should now have a paid membership with Top Content Club on the Professional plan. 


You'll now need to navigate to your account dashboard. Do this by clicking on the account button at the top of the website.
Within your account you'll need to click on the 'Website Content Form' link.

First, enter your website URL.

Next, enter a short description about your website and your product/services. You don't need to write much here, just make sure that you have explained what your website is about.

Next, choose if you want TopContentClub to create your content plan.

If you want to specify the topics and articles that you want created, then you should choose 'I'll choose the article topics myself'. You can then tell Top Content Club articles that should be created each month.
I recommend letting TopContentClub create the content plan for you. This is what I always do for my websites and it works great. Their team knows exactly what type of content is required and it also saves me a lot of time.

Finally, choose if you'd like them to upload the content for you, something that I also highly recommend. You'll just need to give them access to your website so the can post for you. However, if you'd like to do that yourself it will work just as well.

Step 5: Sit Back & Watch The Magic Happen!

At this point you should have signed up for a Business Plus account, activated your Professional Subscription and submitted the form.

Congratulations, you've just activated the most powerful traffic generation tool there is. 

You're now in the tiny minority of only 4% of the entire internet that's posting over 8,000 words of high quality content each month and you're about to see an explosion in your traffic.

You'll start receiving your first articles in the next few days and a huge volume of highly targeted traffic will start hitting your website, eager and ready to buy your products and services, it's really as easy as that!

Over the next weeks and months you'll experience the following amazing benefits:

✅ Google & Other Search Engines Will Crawl Your Website More
✅ You Will Start Getting Huge Amounts of Traffic From Google & Other Search Engines
✅ You Will Start Getting Huge Amounts of Traffic From Other Websites & Social Media
✅ You Will Rank Higher On The Search Engines (SEO)
✅ Your Website Will Benefit From Increased Domain Authority - a key factor for SEO
✅ Your Website Will Benefit From Increased Social Media Mentions = More Traffic
✅ Your Website Will Benefit From Increased Word of Mouth Exposure
✅ Your Website Will Benefit From Increased Brand Exposure
✅ Other Websites Will Link to Your Content/Website
Builds Trust With Your Users
✅ Keeps Users Coming Back For More
Legitimizes Your Website
✅ Keeps Your Website Relevant

And I know this, because every single one of my websites uses this technique, which has generated me personally over $1.5 million in profit

I've also received over 700 testimonials from delighted customers who've followed my advice and are now enjoying a constant stream of highly targeted, ready to buy customers to their websites.

If you haven't TAKEN ACTION yet, you're probably asking yourself:


Can you really get huge amounts of traffic from just posting high quality articles to your website?

This is the most common response that I get when I share this method with people. 

Sometimes the method sounds too good to be true.

But the funny thing is, people who ask this question have never actually tried it.

Ask yourself - have you ever really tried this out? 

Sure, maybe you post a few articles here or there, or maybe you make it a habit of posting an article every week on your website?

That’s great. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. 

We’re talking about consistently posting large amounts of high quality content to your website ever single week.

At least 8,000 - 10,000 words of high quality content every month.

And I can almost guarantee you, you’ve never tried that right?

And that’s the same for 96% of all websites on the internet.

So by posting this high volume of high quality content, it puts your website in a very special category and this starts to result in huge volumes of traffic.

And the great thing about this is that you can test this for yourself

There’s no special software, there’s no expensive ad platform, there’s literally nothing stopping you

I've literally given you all the tools you need to generate huge amounts of money. All you need to do is put it into action.

It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the steps above, and after that you're done! You don't need to lift a finger again. You can just set and forget this.

I guarantee you’ll be amazed at the results...



This is a set and forget thing - the constant articles give you success over time and continually improve your website traffic and revenue.


The right content is key - make sure that you are posting the right type of content - this is pretty straight forward - just ensure that you are writing about topics that are relevant to your website. If you're using Top Content Club, they'll take care of that for you.


Make sure you post at least 8,000 - 10,000 words to your website as a minimum per month. Less will NOT work.


Make sure you post the content REGULARLY (every week) - this is THE most important thing. Again, Top Content Club can take care of that for you.



If you're still reading this and haven't put this into action yet, it's time to start right now. Go back to the Step-by-step instructions and put this into action.

Do not put this off. I have literally just shown you exactly what you need to do to flood your website with traffic and get more sales and business!

I’ve shown you what content you need to create, how to create it, and even how to buy it so you don’t have to do any work at all!

For literally $1.63 a day (cheaper than a cup of coffee!) you can put your online marketing on autopilot and sit back as the results come in!

Just think about all those sales, all that revenue and all that sweet profit filling up your bank account!

It only takes 3 minutes to sign up with Top Content Club and then you're done forever.

Literally set and forget and watch your traffic and revenue skyrocket!

Pro Tip: Once your first website is getting a lot of traffic, branch out and create some more websites. Now that you know the real secret to getting traffic online, sky's the limit! I’m currently managing 17 different websites for my company and another 12 personally (and they’re all getting HUGE amounts of traffic with this method!) I barely do anything else.

If you do have any questions, thoughts or feedback, please reach out to me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to help.

Testimonials - If you put this into action I guarantee you’re going to get a huge amount of traffic & revenue - and when that happens I’d love it if you could write me a testimonial - please send your testimonial with a picture and your name to [email protected].
Enjoy Your Traffic,

David Adams,
Real Traffic Secret
Enjoy Your Traffic,

David Adams,
Real Traffic Secret
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